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Here’s a statistical breakdown of all the swears in rap songs

A new statistical analysis has proven what everyone always knew: The motherfucking Geto Boys used more swears per song than any other single rapper or rap group. Andrew Powell-Morse compiled a chart of the most profane rappers for Best Tickets, comparing the Geto Boys to acts like Scarface, Juvenile, and D12. Unsurprisingly, Bushwick Bill and company beat out the competition, rolling deep with an average 46.4 swears per song.

However, the Boys didn’t record the single filthiest album in hip-hop. That honor goes to Too Short, whose Raw, Uncut, & X-Rated took home the Internet trophy for highest number of cuss words per song. Meanwhile, Lil Jon and Ice Cube’s “Real Nigga Roll Call” holds the record for most cuss words in a single track, while Tupac has the honor of recording the two most profane popular albums of all time.


[via Gawker]

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