(Screenshot: CC.com)

Here’s the thing: Even when he’s wasted, Lin-Manuel Miranda can still talk more eloquently about Alexander Hamilton than most. For example: This clip from his Drunk History segment, in which he describes the beginnings of Hamilton’s rivalry with Aaron Burr and the events leading up to the Battle of Yorktown—you know, the one in which ”the world turned upside down.”


Drunk History

Sure, drunk Miranda does add a couple of choice curse words and takes special relish in doing sound effects, but it goes without saying that he knows his stuff. In this version, Hamilton is played by Alia Shawkat, while Burr is a badass, sneering Aubrey Plaza. Meanwhile, Bokeem Woodbine appears in the clip as George Washington, and at one point, Entertainment Weekly notes, we’ll see Tony Hale as James Monroe. Monroe is not a character in Miranda’s musical, which means Drunk History will cover new territory for Hamilton fanatics who may not be Hamilton fanatics.