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Here’s a silly fake Kickstarter for David Cross’ new movie

In a move of meta-comedy so death-defying it’s probably illegal, David Cross and the team behind his feature directorial debut Hits have created a fake Kickstarter campaign to go along with the (successfully funded) real one. As you might recall, Cross launched a Kickstarter campaign a couple of weeks ago in order to raise funds to send Hits to actual movie theaters around the country. (It will play in various cities starting February 13, and it’ll also be available via pay-what-you-will BitTorrent and the usual VOD suspects.) Now, Cross and Co. have decided to raise $10 million in capital for an artisanal cardboard box company dreamed up by a character in the film, Donovan Mcafferey (played by James Adomian). For more information on Think Tank itself—including funny bios and mission statements—visit their website. But if you really want to help the true craftsmen of America, pony up for their pie-in-the-sky Kickstarter campaign, to fund The Great American 1921 Gentleman’s Box Company. (Has there ever been a company more Mr. Show-y?) Incentives include organic jar lids and a “care package of nothing (to reduce your carbon footprint).” Without you, the “Super Premium, unisex cardboard box made with only the finest of materials” may never exist.

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