Given the kind of weird shit he gets up to, it makes as much sense as anything that Shia LaBeouf is actually a 2,000-year-old time traveling alien. Pop culture illustrator Brandon Bird decided to make that connection explicit with a new series of paintings that depict LaBeouf as all 13 iterations of The Doctor from Doctor Who. As Bird puts it, “I’ve ‘mashed up’ America’s greatest hero with Britain’s favorite Time Lord.”

Of course the whole point of regeneration is that the Doctor changes his face each time, but the power of LaBeouf is apparently strong enough to override that Gallifreyan tradition. However, Bird does change LaBeouf’s hair, clothes, and facial expression to fairly seamlessly match each Doctor.


by Brandon Bird

For the discerning art collector, Bird is selling his work as individual portraits or a group poster over in his store. Plus the entire series can be examined in glorious detail on his website.