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Here’s a poster of every hat Frank wore on 30 Rock

Frank Rossitano’s hats were some of the best little recurring gags throughout the entire run of 30 Rock. Every time the TGS writer showed up, Judah Freidlander’s character had yet another homemade trucker hat plastered with a phrase he made up. Graphic designer Jon Skaggs combed every 30 Rock episode and created a poster featuring every single one of the 204 hats Friedlander wore on the show. It’s not quite as polished as, say, that Game Of Thrones sigil poster, but it’s a damn fine collection of clever phrases on trucker hats. There will be a print run of the poster soon, so if this is up your alley, be sure to take note for when it goes on sale.

And in case that’s not enough Frank for one day, here’s a video compilation of every Rossitano hat, set to the RAC remix of Tracy Jordan’s “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.”

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