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Here’s a picture of Battle Cat from the new He-Man movie, which is apparently still happening

Of all the silly cartoons from the ‘80s that we’ve spent countless hours convincing ourselves were actually really good—seriously guys, Transformers totally holds up—He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe is probably one of the silliest. We’re not judging it, or saying it doesn’t totally hold up the way that Transformers does, but let’s be serious here. It’s about a young guy who can magically turn into a muscled superhero with no clothes on, and his greatest enemy is a skeleton who also doesn’t have any clothes on. Should we go on? He rides a green tiger that talks. You want more? Man-E-Faces.

Anyway, a new Masters Of The Universe movie has been in development for a few years, and now we might have our first look at the big-screen version of Battle Cat—the aforementioned talking tiger. A He-Man on Twitter got the scoop when he asked Columbia Pictures’ DeVon Franklin about the status of the MOTU movie, and Franklin responded by saying that he’ll “know more soon,” and that he’s just waiting for Sony to “get in sync.” Then he posted the following picture of a sepia-toned tiger wearing a bunch of armor, which is—we assume—the MOTU movie’s version of Battle Cat. Franklin didn’t include any other information with the picture, but we’d guess it’s concept art and not an actual shot from the movie (assuming it’s real and not just fan art of some kind). Still, though, this seems to confirm—or at least imply—that the MOTU is not only still in development, but that it will feature Battle Cat. Hey, maybe if we keep bugging this guy, he’ll show us a sepia-toned version of Orko?


[via HitFix]

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