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Here’s a picture of an impromptu Friday Night Lights cast reunion with questionable footwear choices

Friday Night Lights may be over, but it is long from forgotten, especially in the minds of the cast. Over the weekend, Scott Porter posted a photo to his Instagram of an impromptu cast reunion with Matt Lauria, Gaius Charles, Zach Gilford, and Kevin Rankin at Porter’s house, uniting Luke Cafferty, Smash Williams, Matt Saracen, Jason Street, and Herc in the same frame for a lovely Sunday afternoon. (But next time Scott, please crop out the Crocs, even if they’re Broncos colors.) It pairs nicely with another picture Porter posted earlier of cast members shooting the FNL pilot back in 2006. Taylor Kitsch was presumably off practicing his smolder elsewhere, muttering “Texas forever,” while Jesse Plemons is trying to relearn how to interact with other people like a normal human instead of a creepy, reserved psychopath.


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