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Photo: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

While the debate rages on about whether it’s okay to punch Nazis in the face out in the real world, it turns out we really like watching them get punched in the face in our fiction—so much so, in fact, that a new Tumblr page is documenting all those Nazi beat-downs in one place. The Tumblr is called Nazis Gettin’ Punched and its simple description reads, “A satisfying repository of images, still or in-motion, actual or fictional, featuring those who espouse Nazi ideology being struck by mighty but non-lethal blows.”

Image: Captain America #1

The site only launched a few days ago, but it’s already full of Nazi punchin’ imagery. Some of these altercations take place during the 1940s, like Indiana Jones punching Nazi soldiers or Captain America punching Hitler himself. Others offer a more contemporary flare, like Edward Norton confronting his former neo-Nazi colleagues in American History X or J.K. Simmons’ skinhead getting beaten up in Oz. So far the only real-life image is the iconic 1985 Swedish photo of a 38-year-old woman named Danuta Danielsson attacking a neo-Nazi with her handbag. Danielsson’s father was a concentration camp survivor.

Photo: Hans Runesson

In terms of pure catharsis, the best (or at least longest) option is an 11-minute looped video of Doctor Who’s Rory Williams punching Hitler over and over again. But first he issues a terse, “Shut up, Hitler!” because even polite British nurses don’t think the best way to deal with Nazis is through a lively exchange of ideas.

The full collection is available on Nazis Gettin’ Punched.


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