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Here’s a nice roundup of the still-unresolved mysteries of Twin Peaks

Photo: ABC

Twin Peaks is perhaps the most beautiful train wreck to ever grace the small screen, a show whose characters and mysteries are as intriguing as they are frustrating. Now, 25 years later (as the show itself prophesied), Showtime has given creator David Lynch carte blanche to finish telling the story and tie up those loose ends. (Or not—Lynch has never been all that interested in answers.)

If you need a refresher on just which questions still need to be answered, give this brief video from the HuffPost a watch. It doesn’t dig into every nook and cranny, but it definitely touches on all the big mysteries, from the fates of Dale Cooper, Ben Horne, and Audrey Horne to the true identity of Diane.

Some of these have already been answered by the return’s first (completely and utterly brilliant) new episodes, but plenty still remain unanswered: What’s up with the owl ring? How does Project Blue Book factor in? Why did Josie Packard get banished to a wooden drawer pull? Actually, maybe we’d all be better off forgetting that last one.


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