In an attempt to prove that he’s more than just a cat-handler, while also hoping everyone will just forget about that whole Siddhartha thing, Billy Corgan is prepping the release of two new Smashing Pumpkins records. The first, Monuments To An Elegy, will be released December 9 and sees Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee joining Corgan under the Pumpkins moniker. The band has already released the album’s first song, “Beige Beige,” which is about as close to vintage Pumpkins as the band has gotten since its reactivation in 2006. Now, the band is sharing another track “One And All,” which shows that Corgan still has plenty of alt-rock riffs running through him. (Although, Courtney Love would remind you that, if these songs are any good, they’re actually about her.)

This all follows a massive reissue of the band’s divisive 1998 album Adore, which—as Corgan is quick to point out in an interview with The Huffington Postwon‘t signal the start of any touring in support of his band’s old records. “I‘m not interested in promoting nostalgia,” said Corgan, when asked about the likelihood of a 20th anniversary tour in support of 1995’s Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness. However, he will be touring in support of Monuments To An Elegy, dates for which have yet to be announced.