Winter is lingering, creating a fitting environment for the return of Game Of Thrones later this month. There will soon be few with any advance knowledge of the treachery ahead, what with George R.R. Martin having dropped the ball on getting the next book out before season six began filming. The premiere episode’s title has been revealed, along with some cryptic, Mad Men-like teasers that haven’t amounted to much. So when Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos, dropped by Conan last night, we didn’t expect to get much from him beyond the party line of “no one knows what’s going to happen.” And while he didn’t reveal any details, he did share an exclusive clip from the show.

As you can see, Jon Snow’s resting in peace, with Ser Davos holding vigil, which should lay to rest any theories about Snow’s existence on this mortal plane. Yep, we’re pretty sure there will be no more fussing or theorizing over his presence in the show—now everyone can turn their attention to figuring out the identity of this guy.