As time drags on without word from author George R.R. Martin concerning when and if the next book in his A Song Of Ice And Fire series will be released, the need to placate fans who might otherwise grow restless becomes more and more important. This latest distraction comes courtesy of graphic designer Michael Tyznik, who has imagined what the map for a mass transit system connecting the most distant corners of Westeros to each other would look like.

The map is impressively detailed, with rail lines running all the way from Sunspear in the south to Castle Black in the north—although it appears that most of the other castles along the Wall are closed down, and who knows when they’ll get around to fixing those? Naturally, King’s Landing is the busiest hub, but the rails stretch to every corner of the Seven Kingdoms, suggesting an alternate timeline where Ned Stark arrives in the capitol on the five o’clock train rather than at the head of a pack of tired horses.


[via MTV]