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Here’s a look back at the rap stylings of MC Alex Trebek

(Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, TV host Alex Trebek earned the ire of the Nerdcore rap community with his declaration that fans of Boba Fett-and-BIOS-based rhymes were “losers.” In a possible bid to bulk back up his rap credentials, then, Trebek dropped some knowledge during last night’s Jeopardy!, firing off lyrics from Drake’s “Jumpman” on his captive quizees.


But this isn’t the first time the Canadian quizmaster has hopped on the mic to genially spit fire. We’ve written in the past about his take on the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song, and Billboard has a pretty good write-up of all his dulcet lyrical recitations, not just the rap. The fact is, it’s clear the Jeopardy! writers delight in forcing their host to indulge his inner Eminem or Notorious B.I.G., filling YouTube with compilations of Trebek’s sarcastic verses. We’ve collected some our or favorite here—especially the one from a 2005 College Tournament episode, which not only features the category title “MC Trebek In Da Hizz-ouse,” but the host’s withering concern, lodged mid-category, that one of the contestants is wasting her life by storing this particular kind of useless trivia in her brain.

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