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Here’s a list of every Don Draper client on Mad Men

As the sun sets on Mad Men, it’s probably time to ponder just how many companies Don Draper and his Madison Ave allies have worked for, and how many are real and how many are just a bit of Hollywood flim-flam sold to John Q. AMC watcher. Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight has compiled a list of every client that Draper has had in all seven seasons of Mad Men.

Sure, this is some impressive research cobbled together by combing through AMC’s plot synopses. And it’s very interesting data about how the show has taken on more real world clients as it grows in popularity. But those are just numbers; facts put together by men who care about such things. But where some people will see figures and percents, you see possibility. You see a story ready to be told to the American people.


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