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Here’s a Jonathan Banks-y sneak peek at MythBusters’ new Breaking Bad episode

Even if the pair’s definition of the word “myth” has drifted a bit over the course of a dozen years on the air, MythBustersJamie Hyneman and Adam Savage haven’t lost their sense of spectacle. Although the Discovery Channel show now centers less on urban legends or rumors, and more on replicating things that happened in TV shows or movies, the two professional special effects artists can still at least be relied on to pick cool things to recreate. Case in point: the show’s upcoming second episode about Breaking Bad, which will apparently center on the divisively improbable machine gun rig employed at the climax of the show’s finale, “Felina.”

The MythBusters version of the device in on display in a sneak peek trailer for the show’s tenth season, along with appearances by an adorably nervous Vince Gilligan, and a stone-faced Jonathan Banks, firing a gun, as stone-faced Jonathan Bankses are wont to do. Besides the Breaking Bad tribute, the trailer shows off a variety of other stunts—including at least one based off of the beautifully bonkers Clive Owen vehicle Shoot ‘Em Up—as well as a trip into the upper atmosphere. Also, there are some dumb Star Wars jokes and a bunch of explosions, because it’s not like MythBusters doesn’t comprehensively understand its audience by now.

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