As of 2015, veteran California thrash outfit Slayer is still not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. But now the band has been honored in another, perhaps even rarer way: a YouTube hand fart parody of one of its most memorable and controversial songs. Specifically, a fellow who dubs himself State Of The Fart (his credo: “Metal never stank so good.”) has transformed Slayer’s 1986 classic “Angel Of Death,” a grim rumination on the Holocaust and Josef Mengele, into “Anal Of Death,” a considerably less grim yet still intense rumination on gastrointestinal distress. Sample lyrics: “Pumping fluids, from your buns / Pressure in your guts begins / Pumping through your crack.” If such sentiments make State Of The Art seem a bit like “Weird Al” Yankovic with a strongly scatological bent, it is worth pointing out that Yankovic himself has repeatedly employed the services of another noted hand fartist, “Musical Mike” Keiffer. State Of The Fart, however, might represent some artistic apotheosis in the field of simulated flatulence. Gear Gods’ Chris Alfano declares “Anal Of Death,” whose (surprisingly elaborate) accompanying video features multiple shots of an agonized man wearing an oversized sombrero while straddling a toilet, to be “a true masterpiece of the genre” and informs his readers that they are “getting in on the ground floor” of a genius in the making.

[via Gear Gods]