Hot on the heels of last week’s Super Mario Bros. speedrun, an obsessive player has broken the fastest-finish record on another iconic game, Fallout 3. (And like that Mario run, this achievement came to our attention thanks to Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez.) This time, the feat was undertaken by a guy whose online handle is BubblesDelFuego—no relation to the Blubbler who set the Mario record—and the game-breaking glitches are more plentiful. Bubbles abuses quick-saves and quick-loads to blast through bits of dialogue and even to walk through walls. In the video, you can hear Bubbles refer to these latter exploits as “clips,” as they take advantage of so-called clipping bugs in the Fallout code.

Part of the fun of glitchy speedrun videos is watching the game struggle to keep up as the player heaps abuse on the weakest points of its programming. There’s something pathetically funny about Fallout 3 begging Bubbles to visit a grade-school classroom for an aptitude test while he’s busy saving the freaking world.