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“FUCK YES” is the ringing endorsement the Foo Fighters’ social media gave to this video of a dude air drumming to “Best Of You.” And it’s easy to see why: There’s an impressive level of detail in both the performance and the editing here. We see this air drummer set up his “kit” and even pick up his “drumsticks” from the floor before he begins playing. It also cleverly juxtaposes the awesome feeling of rocking out to a song with the rather silly reality of pretending to play imaginary instruments.

The video comes from the YouTube channel SunTeeth and so far it’s their only upload. But its official description notes:

Imagine a Nissan Rogue filled with grad students, Mark Ruffalo’s early stuff, and pushing through child labor seen through the eyes of a woman, seen then through the eyes of a man and heard through the ears of an elk. Put that in a NutriBullet, blend it all up and you come out with the imprints on your legs and upper arms from sitting a wicker chair.


All of which means it’s anyone’s guess as to what they’ll upload next.

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