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Here’s a fairly competent and thought-provoking rap about “Listening To Serial

Sherwin's all "Say what?"

Comic and YouTube rapper Zach Sherwin has made videos about everything from the letter C to Krav Maga, and they’re all pretty funny. His latest, though, takes the cake. “Listening To Serial” is Sherwin’s magnum opus, as he (fairly adequately) spits rhymes about everything from the guy in the Mail Chimp ad he thinks sounds like Strong Bad to how he thinks the show’s host, Sarah Koenig, has been manipulating the listeners. As he says, “Did she really not know how it finishes?”

Sherwin’s song also delves into the Internet’s obsession with the case and makes use of a phoned-in clip from W. Kamau Bell, who has thoughts on how, as he puts it, “Serial’s kind of racist.” Can’t argue with that.

[via Jonah Ray]


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