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Originally planned as a bonus track to Patrice O’Neal’s posthumous album Mr. P but scrapped for time, the 20-minute-long “Better Than You” is now available for download as a digital single. And by using the code “avclub,” fans of the late, great comedian can purchase the track for a dollar off, as well as the full-length album for $5 off—because being better than you means displaying just that sort of generosity, even in death.


While it's taken from a different set during a three-night DC Improv run than the one heard on the rest of the album, “Better Than You” is certainly cut from the same cloth. On it, O’Neal displays his immense talent for taking a unique angle on stale material—in this case, the differences between women and men, and why Tiger Woods’ wife was wrong to marry a man who’d never gotten the womanizing out of his system—then making a compelling case for the reprehensible. It’s A+ stuff, and sadly, likely the last we’ll hear from the lovable provocateur. Check out a preview below.

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