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Here’s a deleted Ron Swanson scene from tonight’s Parks And Recreation

Alarmingly, there are only a few new episodes of Parks And Recreation left before the series finale. And with NBC burning through them at a rate of two per week, the need to lap up every last comedic morsel becomes increasingly important. Luckily, HitFix has secured exclusive access to a deleted scene from “Pie-Mary,” the second of two new episodes airing tonight. “Pie-Mary” has a subplot in which April enlists Ron’s help to solve a mystery, something Ron has shown an uncharacteristic enthusiasm for in the past. This scene reacquaints the audience with that enthusiasm, as Ron blazes through a puzzle devised by Craig in celebration of Pawnee’s bicentennial Harvest Festival. The scene will also be included in an extended cut of ”Pie-Mary” that will go up on NBC.com and Hulu tomorrow.


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