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Here’s a bunch of the new people that Game Of Thrones will probably kill off next season

One of the main superficial complaints that people have about Game Of Thrones—right between “too much nudity” and “not enough nudity”—is that it just has too many darn characters. Even for the nerdiest of fans, it can get pretty tough to keep track of all the Starks and Lannisters and Thundarrs and Mightors. This problem gets even worse when Game Of Thrones introduces new characters just to immediately kill them off, like it did last year when it cruelly took away that really badass guy who everyone loved.

Anyway, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we now know a bunch of the new actors that HBO is going to drop into Westeros, all so they can helplessly flop around and be stabbed to death for our amusement. First up is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Alexander Siddig, who will be joining Game Of Thrones as Doran Martell, “the ruling lord of Dorne and the older brother to Oberyn.” Oberyn, of course, is that guy who got his head popped open by The Mountain last season, and it’s his death that’s going to drive a chunk of Game Of Thrones’ plot going forward.


Jessica Henwick, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, and Keisha Castle-Hughes will play Oberyn’s daughters, Nymeria, Tyene, and Obara. A kid named Toby Sebastian will play Doran Martell’s son, Trystane Martell, who also happens to be the guy that Cersei’s daughter Myrcella was sent away to marry a few seasons ago. Myrcella herself has been recast, with Nell Tiger Free taking over for Aimee Richardson. DeObia Oparei will play Areo Hotah, a guy who is apparently “a trusted captain in Doran Martell’s palace guard.”

Finally, in casting news that is unrelated to those lovably saucy Martells, Enzo Cilenti will play Yezzan, “a wealthy slaver” who is now apparently neither of those things, and Jonathan Pryce will play the High Sparrow, a “devout and pious” man who visits King’s Landing “to serve the poor and downtrodden.” If you’ve kept up with the book series that Game Of Thrones is based on, hopefully these names all mean something to you. If not—like a certain Newswire writer—this whole article might appear as wild gibberish.

HBO also released this helpful video of the new actors introducing themselves, which kind of negates the purpose of this article, but too bad. You already read it. At least now you can see everyone’s faces:

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