It still makes more sense than Battleship

With Hollywood burning through TV shows and toy lines to cash in on audiences saying “Oh yeah, I guess I remember that,” it’s only a matter of time until well-worn phrases are turned into the latest overstuffed blockbuster. Sneaky Zebra, a comedy film duo out of the U.K., worked with #Mashed to imagine what the trailer for Michael Bay’s The Birds and The Bees would look like and it’s pretty spot on:

Constantly moving camera shooting at Dutch angles? Check. Creepy ogling of women and machines like they are interchangeable commodities? Check. Poorly rendered CGI posing global threat to mankind? Check. Though it lacks the heights of unintentional hilarity caused by Mark Wahlberg saying “I think we just found a Transformer,” the video is still a pretty fair representation of Bay’s understanding of cinema and human sexuality.