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Here’s a beautiful collection of desktop backgrounds for cinephiles

Relief has arrived for film lovers who wish to stare at gorgeously photographed moments from cinema while writing e-mails to their bosses about the latest year-end budgeting numbers. A user going by the name of mimurph1 has created a gallery of 379 images of stills from various films that are perfectly sized to act as the desktop background. When possible, mimurph1 appears to have found the highest definition versions of the images and captures some beautiful scenes from many beloved classics.

The gallery covers a wide range of filmmakers including Kubrick, Wong Kar Wai, Tarantino, Buñuel, Fincher, and many others. Some of the shots are iconic and well known, while others are lesser known moments that are still pretty impressive to behold. The endeavor is reminiscent of the Perfect Shots Twitter account that posts stills from film that are arresting in their staging or composition. In fact, speaking of Twitter, Annapurna Pictures (film production company behind Her, Spring Breakers, and The Master amongst others) tweeted out the link to the images.


The collection can be found here, but there are some highlights posted below. These desktop backgrounds are the best way to display your appreciation of modern aesthetics to your coworkers while letting them know that your Netflix queue is far superior to theirs.

Days of Heaven
Another Earth
Barry Lyndon
A Field in England
Fantastic Voyage

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