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Here is your first tiny, eye-straining look at Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson is currently hard at work overseeing post-production of The Master, his October 12 movie about Scientology that is not explicitly about Scientology (but really, it's pretty much about Scientology), and the PTA fansite Cigarettes And Red Vines has scored the first sort-of look at it. Anderson sent in an update from the editing room that includes a photo of 65mm negative being spliced the old-fashioned way—with a pair of scissors, by a French girl—and through the magic of color correction, the tiny picture at left has emerged. And if you look really closely, you'll get your very first murky peek at Philip Seymour Hoffman as the charismatic leader of The Cause, entering some kind of, uh, room, where there are clapping people and an upright bass, while in the background you can just make out some 18th-century bootblacks battling an army of giant gladiator toads while having a foam party. In conclusion: Paul Thomas Anderson has done it again!


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