In case you didn't tune in for last night's Golden Globes (and with it, our liveblog) you missed a night of huge, revelatory speeches—all of them from Anne Hathaway, who finally, defiantly thanked her manager in front of a world that still isn't ready to listen. Also, Jodie Foster came out as wacky, with a touchingly heartfelt yet wildly disjointed speech in which she kind of, sort of made the "I'm gay" declaration she rightly acknowledged as unnecessary, offered further endorsement for Mel Gibson, joked about Honey Boo Boo and spanking Daniel Craig, and then made a lot of people cry with some touching words for her mother, who is suffering from dementia. And of course, Tommy Lee Jones gave the speech of the night without ever saying a word.


Other things you may have missed: A rapturously received Bill Clinton, at the behest of Steven Spielberg, introduced Lincoln—surely because he lost the coin toss with Daniel Day-Lewis to do Salmon Fishing In The Yemen. ("I just call it SamFish," Clinton probably gushed back stage, probably to Jennifer Lawrence.) Maggie Smith and Ed Harris could not be stirred from their night of hustling dupes at nine-ball and doing shots of Rittenhouse to attend. Judging by her awkward shuffles to the stage, two-time winner Lena Dunham immediately regretted wearing ice skates. An underutilized Tina Fey and Amy Poehler brought their goofy improv sensibilities to a night that was, in nearly every other moment, full of surprisingly ponderous self-seriousness and speeches about how "brave" everyone is. Oh, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association basically told the Oscars to Argo fuck themselves, handing Best Picture and Best Director honors to Ben Affleck.

Anyway, the complete list of winners is here. You can use the space below to discuss the night, as well as thank your fellow commenters for their incredible gutsiness. Seriously, you are all so brave.