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Here is Troy and Abed's rap from the Community Christmas episode

It’s the season of giving, and in the spirit, NBC has generously given Community an upcoming hiatus so its cast and crew can rest, and so its diehard fans can use that time to explore other NBC shows it might enjoy even more, such as the one about that sassy lady who enjoys sex out of wedlock. But before the network gods rest ye merry gentlemen and gentle-ladies, they’ll give you one more Community Christmas present—this time a Glee-spoofing musical episode that functions as a temporary swan song. Here’s a clip from the Dec. 8 outing, in which Troy and Abed’s discussion over whether to go along with the study group’s recruitment into the Greendale Glee Club turns into a rap about Santa-related spying and subterfuge. If you like liking things, you might like this thing.


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