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Here is the video from Community's PaleyFest panel, in which they are pretty confident about a fourth season

While that recent interview with the women of Community may have taken the budding springtime flower of the show’s return and drowned it in salty tears, the cast and crew’s recent appearance at PaleyFest was far more optimistic. For one thing, nobody cried. But for another, everyone seemed as though they were feeling pretty confident about the show’s chances for a fourth season, evident in the way that executive producer Russ Krasnoff said, “We’re feeling pretty confident” when he was asked about just that. Krasnoff put its chances of renewal at “63 percent” and also added, “The people at NBC love the show” (apparently, so much that they’re reluctant to share it with anyone).

Anyway, Dan Harmon has said that decision still won’t be official until May, probably, but in the meantime you still have all the rest of the third season to look forward to—and you can kill the rest of your afternoon watching the panel discuss some of that in the below videos, if you’re so inclined. A few revelations, thanks to Entertainment Weekly and Alan Sepinwall: the March 15 return (screened at the festival) will revolve around Shirley’s impending re-marriage to her ex-husband played by Malcolm Jamal Warner, one future episode will take place in The Dreamatorium, another will be inspired by video games, and the ladies in the cast like to play a “boob game” that they didn’t really elaborate on, but which seems specifically calculated to get you to watch these videos.

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