As part of the ongoing crucial research to design the filler Bravo specials of the future (or something), scientists found that the movie scene most likely to cause even the most cynical, hardened human being to well up with tears is in 1979’s The Champ, when audiences get their first hint of the way aging will soon render Faye Dunaway as cold and forbidding as the Andes. Ha ha, no, we’re just being unnecessarily mean to Faye Dunaway today. It’s actually the film’s two-and-a-half-minute climax, when the micro edition of Ricky Schroder bears witness to his boxer dad’s final match (then realizes he’ll spend the rest of his life seeking shelter along the jagged embankments of Mt. Dunaway). You can watch that scene here if you feel like having a good cry at your desk. Of course, it’s a spoiler for those who haven’t seen the film, obviously, although you can probably guess what happens just from the context clues of the article. Anyway, people often like to argue over the saddest movie scene ever, and we’re guessing you’ll do that now, even though science has already decided for you. With science. [Moviefone via Vulture]