Joining a long lineage of actors who have played the slightly more grounded partner to Doctor Who—and in more recent years, the object of fixation for male fans—Jenna-Louise Coleman has been confirmed as the Doctor’s newest companion, with executive producer Stephen Moffatt saying the 25-year-old British actress will play a fast-talking live wire who will lead the Time Lord on “his merriest dance yet” (metaphorically speaking, presumably). Coleman is a relative unknown on these shores, although she has starred in the British soap Emmerdale, had a bit part in Captain America, and appears in the upcoming Titanic miniseries from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes—none of which will matter once she plays the companion on Doctor Who, of course, because that’s how the Internet will look at her ever after. (Just ask Catherine Tate.) Anyway, Coleman’s entrance naturally means an exit for the Doctor’s current companions, the Ponds, which Moffat has said will occur in the fifth episode of next season and will be “heartbreaking.” But then, as so often happens on Doctor Who, a new pretty girl arrives to make it all better, so don’t worry too much about it.