The author of that recent satirical hoax-slash-vision of a pre-9/11 world Peepers, a canticle has been positively identified as Justin Becker—a name many already suspected, given that it’s all over copies of the screenplay spread across the Pacific Coast and subsequently the Internet. Becker, a 27-year-old writer whose day jobs include working part-time for a (purposefully unnamed) newspaper and kid’s show, gave an interview to SF Weekly confirming that “Justin Becker, Sr.”—identified in the book as the “Chairman Emeritus of Cinema Studies, Durrod University” who helps to put Chris Kattan’s Mr. Peepers screenplay in its proper literary and sociopolitical context—was indeed his not-so-subtle way of announcing that he was the true author behind the work, as well as confirming that he did not, despite the book’s assertions, die of “ball cancer.” Becker also claims that his satirical merging of Kattan’s simian Saturday Night Live character with Peter Sellers’ Being There was merely an attempt to “confuse strangers” and “ruin a wonderful script,” humbly taking no credit for killing any lingering possibility that Mr. Peepers could ever actually be revived in movie form—though he does admit that it probably upset Chris Kattan, so there’s that. He also talks briefly of dildos.