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The CW is moving at a rapid pace with its recently announced show based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, and has already made the most crucial decision of the series: opting to shorten the title to Arrow, which extensive focus group testing has revealed is far more likely to appeal to women aged 18 to 34 with its more direct phallic imagery. Just kidding—we have no idea why they did that—but they have chosen actor Stephen Amell to play billionaire-turned-vigilante Oliver Queen, and withstand untold more months of Smallville fans comparing him unfavorably to Justin Hartley.


Amell has been seen recently as the younger gigolo rival to Thomas Jane on Hung, as walking Dutch oven fart Joran van der Sloot in Lifetime’s Justice For Natalee Holloway, and has had recurring roles on Private Practice and The Vampire Diaries where, as Deadline notes, he worked alongside star Nina Dobrev who “also hails from Canada,” because that is important to note. Indeed, one of Amell’s earliest roles was in a Canadian hockey-comedy series called Rent-a-Goalie, which is such a Canadian-sounding show that it seems completely fake, even though it’s apparently not. Presumably it aired right after Where's The Back Bacon? and The Sit Quietly And Listen To Rush Hour. Anyway, this is the guy.

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