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Here is the guy who will be playing Dwight's brother on that Office spinoff

Now that the end of The Office is finally in sight for producers who missed the exit approximately two years ago, it's time to shift focus to its Dwight Schrute-centered spinoff The Farm, where eccentric supporting characters are sent to live out the rest of their days, frolicking and playing with other weird people that you are supposed to care about now. As detailed in June, most of those people will be Dwight's fellow Schrutes, all of them reappearing in his lives just in time to help him run the family bed-and-breakfast and give his character enough semblance of depth to sustain an entire series, and today TV Line reports that The Campaign co-star Thomas Middleditch has been cast as arguably the most important of those. (Aside from the wacky Nazi uncle, of course.)

Middleditch will play Jeb, the pot-growing, Bigfoot-hunting goldbricker whose laziness constantly infuriates Dwight, thus providing the central conflict of the show. And because suddenly throwing him back into Dwight's life with no explanation would be silly without at least 22 minutes of introduction, Middleditch—along with the recently cast Majandra Delfino and Blake Garrett as Dwight's urbane sister and nephew, respectively—will appear in an episode of this final season of The Office, with all joining The Farm as series regulars if NBC actually goes through with it. Another chance to get to know him: Visiting Middleditch's blog, Middleditch Littlebitch, which suggests that at some point on The Farm, you can expect him to sing a goofy song. Dwight will surely react negatively to that!

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