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Here is Rooney Mara pretending to play with The Black Lips for Terrence Malick

Terrence Malick has been slowly circling the Austin music scene for nearly a year now, briefly alighting here and there like a stray sunbeam filtering in through a drawn curtain, reminding us that nature penetrates all of man's attempts to push it away. Also, he's making a movie about Austin-based musicians, which means putting his stars Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, and Christian Bale against the background of the city's various music festivals—like last year, when he filmed Gosling and Mara hanging out backstage at Fun Fun Fun Fest, and put Bale on stage with a set of bongos for Fleet Foxes' Austin City Limits Festival set.

This year it was Mara's turn again at ACL, where the director had her wander on stage during the Black Lips' performance and pretend to play guitar—a cameo you can watch right now in the below video. See Mara playfully, or perhaps dramatically kick at her fake fellow band members! Experience her stoic, strummy resolve in the face of so much blistering garage-punk! Watch as Gosling observes from the side of the stage—a stand-in for you, the audience! Contemplate the beauty of your own fleeting nothingness! Have a beer, maybe! [via /Film]

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