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Last night Kanye West held a listening party for Pusha T’s new album that, as all events where there are microphones and cameras must, inevitably turned into a listening party for Kanye West’s thoughts. As far as West’s monologues go, his latest, Grey Goose-fueled soliloquy lacks some of the dizzying logical constructs or existential philosophizing seen in the past, but besides his repeatedly professed love for Pusha, one thing remains clear: The man who recently performed at the behest of a human rights-abusing dictator for several million dollars still hates “fucking sellouts,” and he doesn’t “give a fuck about none of these corporations,” beyond, presumably, the luxury brands he’s routinely celebrated in song.  “We don’t give a fuck about how much goddamn money you make,” concluded Kanye, an artist whose songs are often about how rich he is.


In keeping with disavowing all interest in things that only the very wealthy and out of touch would care about, if you’re one of those fashion designers who puts numbers on the back of your shirt, fuck you.

[via Miss Info]

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