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Joe Biden memes were, like Joe Biden himself, a healing salve in dark times. Through the tumultuous twilight of Barack Obama’s presidency, when his fell antecedent had been assured but not yet assumed the office, we could hold onto our internal image of Joe Biden as the hard-partying, hell-raising, endlessly enthusiastic foil to his straitlaced friend Barack. It helped that the two were openly affectionate toward each other, lending the meme a sort of triple whammy of being comedically versatile, emotionally comforting, and lightly based on reality. Is that the recipe for a perfect meme? It might be. We didn’t know how good we had it.

In an interview with Moneyish, Biden’s daughter Ashley reveals the moment she made her dad aware of his second life as a joke on the internet, saying, he “sat there for an hour and laughed.” His favorite, she said, was this one:


Hey, good taste, Biden. Here’s hoping the experience inspired him to do some of that awful shit we all hoped he would before he and Obama left the White House.

[via UpRoxx]

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