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Here is how to make the ratatouille that blew Anton Ego’s mind in Ratatouille

Credit: Ratatouille

No movie has made kids, or adults for that matter, more interested in eating their vegetables than Pixar’s Ratatouille. But trying to translate the enticing animated dishes from the film into actual recipes you can recreate at home is no easy task. More likely than not, you’ll end up with a plate of food that looks like it was prepared by a rat, and not even a Patton Oswalt-voiced one. Well, thanks to Andrew Rea, the man behind the YouTube cooking show Binging With Babish, you can now make Ratatouille’s titular dish without the assistance of a sentient rodent.

As Rea notes, the dish from the film is not actually a traditional ratatouille but is a variation on the dish called confit byaldi. Combining a simple bell pepper sauce and thinly sliced vegetables, nothing in the recipe is overly complicated. But with the right presentation, this dish will be sure to impress the shit out of whatever snooty food critic happens to be dining at your house that night. Or you can just eat it alone while watching your favorite animated film. Your choice. Anyone can cook!


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