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Here is every Law & Order verdict graphed and analyzed

The folks at Overthinking It completed the overwhelming and probably unnecessary task of watching all 456 episodes of Law & Order and plotting each verdict. Rivaling the committed collaboration between Jack McCoy and Detective Lennie Briscoe, Josh Kyu Saiewitz watched all 20 seasons of the show and e-mailed the results to Matthew Belinkie, who would plot each episode into Microsoft Excel. Unsurprisingly the project took over two years to complete.

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After the final tally, it turns out that the Law & Order team had a much higher success rate in catching the bad guys than the actual NYPD.  About 80 percent of episodes ended in victories for the both Law and Order parts of the show.

Be sure to check out the full article here for more graphs and if you're really nerdy, download the Excel document.


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