Having temporarily run out of stories about women being murdered by their boyfriends, last night's Dateline featured a very serious, in-depth interview with weatherman Al Roker about the time he pooped his pants at the White House. Or rather, the interview concerned Roker's long struggle with weight loss, and naturally, because TV cameras were present and this means it's sharing time, Roker related an anecdote about an incident shortly after his gastric bypass surgery, when he was overcome by his own high-pressure system sweeping in over the south: "I probably went off and ate something I wasn't supposed to. And as I'm walking to the press room, [I'm thinking] well, I gotta pass a little gas here. I'm walking by myself. Who's gonna know? Only a little something extra came out."

Dateline's interviewer, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, then helpfully chimes in with a motherly shrug, "You pooped in your pants," to which Roker confirms, "I pooped my pants," adding that he immediately ditched his underpants and went "commando," which is another image for you to think about. Roker says this story serves to remind him to be "very vigilant" about what he eats. It will likely have some effect on your own appetite. [TMZ via Mediaite]