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Here is a majestic video of a deer performing Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" drum fill

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Photo: Steve Dykes (Getty Images)

We humans may lack the grace and poise of deer, but have always taken solace in the fact that we create music they could never perform. Many a symphony has been carefully written by our best composers for this very reason. Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven—each spent a lifetime creating art that stirs the soul, thrills our minds, but most important of all, is impossible for a deer to play.


Well, those days are over. The deer are learning, taking dainty little hoof steps toward mastering our instruments, and, at long last, have chosen one among them to debut its skill. Watch on as this maverick stand-in for all deer-kind signals the end of our musical superiority with a performance of the famous drum fill from Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.”

Forging a basic kit from a plastic backyard play set, the deer approaches the instrument with confidence. Knowing that the spotlight is on it, enduring the pressure as if it’s sweating in J.K. Simmons’ class from Whiplash, it times its moment perfectly. The job done, it departs. There is no time (or, to be honest, anatomic possibility) for a bow.


Goats, as we all know, are great at Taylor Swift remixes, but Phil Collins was suspected, until now, to be the domain only of the noble Cadbury gorilla. As one of our closest genetic relatives, this is easier to accept than the footage above.

The fact that the deer has managed to overcome all arm-based limitations to play such a recognizable drum part is staggering. We should have seen this coming. In a time when even inanimate objects are delivering solid Nirvana covers, why shouldn’t the entire animal kingdom begin making their music, too?


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