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Here, have some creepy-fun footage of Weird Al getting in character for the "Fat" video

Photo: Donaldson Collection (Getty Images)

30 years later, “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Grammy-winning “Fat” video remains a highlight of a career that’s packed full of them, a delightfully absurd Michael Jackson parody that—like so much of Al’s early career—was weirdly fixated on food.

The video was popular enough that Yankovic’s outfit for it became a mainstay of his endlessly energetic live performances over the years, which often end (after taking time for a quick costume change) with him bouncing around the stage in his riff on Jackson’s iconic Bad suit. The video itself featured a more elaborate set-up, though, as revealed in a bit of behind-the-scenes footage he posted online tonight.


The footage shows Al—cheerful as ever—being absolutely slathered in makeup, his eyes (and mustache) staring out from behind the mask. Then we get an even creepier look, as the prosthetics on his neck inflate for the shoot proper. It’s a cool little dose of practical effects, and how they contributed to one of the most beloved parody videos of all time.

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