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Here, have a video of adorable giant animals rampaging through a city

The world is a terrifying place, full of disease, madness, and death. Every day, poverty and apathy claim thousands of lives. We’re all sinking deeper into debt, obesity, and self-loathing, with no end in sight save the cruel release of oblivion.

Now that we've got you good and depressed, here’s a video of piglets and puppies, edited to look like Godzilla-size kaiju, to get your spirits back up. Produced by stock footage company DissolveCutezilla shows a country under siege by some of the most huggable, kissable, snuggleable monsters ever to ravage our broken, doomed world. Giant kitties! Giant turtles! Giant baby goats! It’s almost enough to make you forget that your student loans are due or that it’s been way too long since your last cancer screening.


Can this video solve all of the world’s problems? No. Stock footage can only do so much. But it does have a skyscraper-sized squirrel bounding around Central Park.

Admittedly, that’s not much. But it is a start.

Cutezilla 可愛い from Dissolve on Vimeo.

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