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Here, do something with this trailer for Kevin Smith's new horror anthology movie

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It’s hard to feel negatively about new movies and TV shows right now. Like, either this thing is of interest to you or it isn’t, and it’s not as if you have a bunch of options at the moment. Our standards are dipping; yes, this movie might not be great, and maybe in the Before Times it’s something you would’ve actively disliked, but right now it’s just nice to have something new to watch. With that spirit in mind, here’s the trailer for Kevin Smith’s new horror anthology movie, Killroy Was Here—which, as far as we can tell from a cursory Google search, is loosely inspired by... a World War II era graffiti meme. For those unfamiliar/unwilling to Google: It’s the doodle of the guy with a long nose hanging over the wall (come to think of it, he looks like those dummies who refuse to pull their masks up over their noses). What that has to do with this trailer, which involves folklore about a child-killing entity, your guess is as good as ours:

It definitely looks more competent and coherent than Glenn Danzig’s Verotika, but is it as entertaining? Unfortunately, it’s unclear when exactly we’ll be able to suss that out. Smith debuted the trailer for Killroy Was Here over the weekend during his Comic-Con@Home panel, where he said that he hoped to release the film this year. As our grandma used to say, wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first.


Killroy Was Here stars Chris Jericho (the wrestling guy), Jason Mewes (what a surprise!), Harley Quinn Smith (YOU DON’T SAY), and Ralph Garman (the celebrated host of The Joe Schmo Show).

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