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Hanson, the architects behind “MMMBop,” one of the ‘90s best and most hated pop songs, are thriving. Just listen to them on Geoff Edgers’ Edge Of Fame podcast, wherein the interviewer documents the brothers’ sharp business acumen and big-hearted approach to family. Successful as they are, however, they’re not above revisiting the little ditty that made them famous, which is exactly what they do on String Theory, a new double album setting their buoyant pop against the sweeping strings of an orchestra.


NPR is currently streaming the 23-track album via its First Listen series, where you can hear singles new and old invigorated by arrangements from composer David Campbell. In addition to being an Oscar winner, Campbell is also the father to Grammy winner Beck, who, coincidentally, has the last name Hansen.

Beck and Hanson have another connection, too: The Dust Brothers produced the former’s Odelay! just a year before they worked on the latter’s debut album, Middle Of Nowhere. The ‘90s were cool.

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