As has become a weekly tradition, two more Saturday Night Live sketches that were cut from the show have found their way online. First, cast member Brooks Whelan posted “Touch O’ Heat,” axed from this weekend’s Andrew Garfield-hosted episode, to his Tumblr this morning, saying that it “made [him] and Kenan [Thompson] smell like barbecue for the rest of the night.” The five-minute clip stars Wheelan and Thompson as the hosts of America’s No. 1 barbecue radio show. There’s a lot of rib-eating sounds, bad Southern accents, and jokes about white suits—and while the sketch didn’t exactly get the laughs required to make the actual show, it’s still pretty funny.


The other sketch, “Wing,” popped up on the SNL Hulu page. It’s a video short that’s ostensibly a spin on a ’90s TV drama, complete with synthesizer-and-guitar bumper music, Spanish style McMansions, weird sexual undertones, and (as is his way) some fairly weird acting from Kyle Mooney.