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Here are two of the cutest Breaking Bad recap videos the Internet provided this week

Breaking Bad fever is in full swing, and the Internet is acting accordingly. It has recently bestowed upon users two adorable recaps: a middle school musical and a twee acoustic duet.

Though it is unclear whether the parents of the kids in the former were fully aware of what their children were reenacting, Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical is adorably informative. In the (somewhat) family-friendly rendition, tiny Walt is making the purest blue rock candy around, tiny Hank works for the C.E.A. (candy patrol), and tiny Jesse is as lovable as Aaron Paul. That blue rock candy has got quite a set of pipes, too. The rock ballad at the end is pretty amazing, and the kids even offer their own prediction for the ending.

The second video comes from Allie Goertz, aka Cossbysweater, who makes nerds on YouTube drool with her sweet acoustic songs about The Hobbit and Dungeons & Dragons. Now she and friend Terence Leclere have created a painfully cute Breaking Bad recap song. “It’s Heisenberg,” written by Tony Sam, almost completely sums up the rise and looming demise of Walter White. Spoilers obviously abound. It’s absolutely the daintiest way to catch up before Sunday’s final season premiere.

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