Much like the Jersey Shore versions we reported on, these officially sanctioned Lady Gaga Halloween costumes raise the question of why one would need to shell out for a “Lady Gaga Adult Soda Can Wig” when you could just roll up a few Fantas in your own locks for way cheaper.

But also like those sham Snookis and Situations, you’re bound to see hordes of fake Gagas—male and/or female, like Lady Gaga herself—maneuvering their awkward angles through the streets, because Halloween is the season of the sluts, and currently no one dresses sluttier than Lady Gaga.


Our recommendation? If you’re going Gaga, don’t cheap out and just get a “Lady Gaga Headscarf,” unless you want people asking you why you’re dressed as Indira Gandhi. Go for a faithful replica of her 2009 Video Music Awards costume—or better yet, do something unique, like walking around the party constantly scribbling lyrics on a notepad, and when people ask who you’re supposed to be, say, “Duh! I’m Lady Gaga’s vagina.”  [via Buzzfeed]