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Here are the scary movies your city and state love the most

Sure, we all know Alien is a great horror film, but did you know exactly how great it is? According to Halloween Express, it’s the most popular scary movie in every state in the U.S.—except for Rhode Island and Delaware, who obviously still have unresolved mommy issues, because they went with Psycho instead. But if you go by city, it’s far more of a mixed bag: Nashville adores The Conjuring, while Miami is a Carrie-loving town. It’s fun and intriguing to see the results, even if some are more obvious than others. (Is anyone really surprised The Shining is beloved close to its fictional setting?)

All this scary movie data has been helpfully assembled and put together in some sharp-looking infographics. Taking 20 of the most popular horror films from IMDB’s Highest Rated Horror Feature Films With At Least 1,000 Votes list, the site then used Google Trends to see which were the most popular by search. There’s also a ranking of the movies by box office, and—most importantly—a guide showing which streaming sites have which films available. Most appalling? It seems the original Halloween isn’t available to stream. That’s the kind of thing that gets people impaled on butcher knives.


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