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Here are the post-apocalyptic death machines of Fury Road but with googly Pixar eyes

Screenshot: Twitter

Much has been made about the dark trailer for this summer’s Cars 3, which appears to be about the death of sentient car Lightning McQueen. Why a light-hearted series about talking cars is now about the unflinching certainty that all organic life must someday die remains unclear, but these are gritty times, and they demand gritty children’s movies.

However, things could take a darker turn still.


That’s right: Mater, Lightning, Pincohle, D’Antoni The Zamboni, and the rest of the gang could be barreling through not a clean motorway but an irradiated water-less hellscape populated by cultists, scavengers, and freaks. Perhaps more frightening is the juxtaposition with Charlize Theron’s character Furiosa: If cars have not replaced people, as they have in the Cars mythos, then what is the relationship between humans and their sentient automobiles? The fragile relationship between man and machine as well as life and death will be explored more when Cars 3 roars out of the blackened abyss to entertain kids everywhere this June.

Mad Max’s sequels remain heavily rumored inevitabilities. While Savage’s tweet suggests that he has created more visions of their nightmarish crossover, none are provided, although he does offer this horrifying point of clarification:

[via Gizmodo]


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