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Here are the Muppets meeting the Russian prison system, just like you've always dreamed of, you big weirdo

We already knew that the upcoming sequel The Muppets…Again! would, at long last, bring the madcap Muppets sensibility to the Russian prison system via Tina Fey, whose role as a gulag guard will be the second-most oppressive thing she’s been involved with since her last “career gal trying to have it all” movie. Now we have photographic evidence of that zany encounter between everyone’s favorite felt-covered fuzzballs and forced labor. This set image seems to show Kermit’s jewel thief doppelganger Constantine causing Fey’s stern prison official to do a Russian version of Fey's famed eye-roll, perhaps with his suggestion that such outdated modes of punishment are inhumane, probably while also making a joke about how that even goes for frogs. (“I am reminded of the writings of Fyodor Dos-toad-evsky…,” he’s maybe saying, in a joke that will make our own Erik Adams very happy.) Anyway, Muppets and gulags—easily the best Muppet movie combination since The Muppets Take Dachau.  [via @MuppetMindset]

UPDATE: Disney has asked that we take the photo down. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted! In its place, we bring you a breaking Muppet news image.


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